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  • KIT Till Start One

    280.00  TTC
    Home trainer Till Start

    – More details in description –

  • Kit Till Stat One Connect

    390.00  TTC

    Home trainer connected in Bluetooth and self-powered, suitable for all types of bikes. Compact, without connections and without constraints.

    |More details below in description

    The Till Start One Connect is a connected, compact and easily transportable home trainer. It consists of two parts:

    1 Front block equipped with a jaw that holds the bike by the front wheel.
    1 Rear block composed of two rollers supporting the rear wheel: two free rollers integrating a self-powered Bluetooth module.
    The Till Start home trainer concept is suitable for all types of bikes, from 20 to 29′.
    The front wheel is held in place by 4 rubber pads which are applied to the side of the rim via a composite material jaw (new design 30% stiffer).

    The clamping is carried out by a click buckle that can be unlocked with one hand.

    A fixing point for an antitheft device is provided on the front part. (sold separately)

    The Bluetooth connection :
    This connected home trainer is equipped with a micro generator that allows it to produce its own electrical energy. It does not require any connections. You just need to turn it on to make it work. The Till Start Connect can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors without constraints.

    Thanks to its Bluetooth connection, the Till Start Connect is visible to all other devices such as a speed sensor or a power sensor.

    This allows you to connect to all training and race simulation applications.

    The Till Start crystal lights up and shows you the status of the connection.

    As the power transmission between the bike and the Till Start is achieved by the tire’s grip on the roller, this can lead to some measurement uncertainty. The conditions and the bikes used can have an impact on the quality of the power measurement.

    Technical data: weight 6Kg, folded dimensions 570x295x175 mm
    Power curves (click on the link to see the curve): Power curves