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  • Till Start backpack

    68.50  TTC

    With this  backpack you can transport and protect your Till Start.
    Real base camp this bag allows you to easily take the essential near the start.
    Technical description:
    Two separate compartments
    1 for the front block, protecting the face and having two fixing points by scratch
    1 for the rear block closed by a flap with Velcro.
    Two loop Velcro on the side and one below to fix the equipment (a foot pump, for example).
    Two straps on either side of the top part for securing a helmet.
    Two adjustable type bag strap back
    Loop for upper suspension hook.
    Material: foam padded back 4mm, PVC coated canvas inside Polyester


    Home trainer Till Start sold separately.

  • Aajustable pads

    34.90  TTC
  • Quick Set key Till Start One

    10.00  TTC

    4 Quick Set key Till Start One

  • Security Lock

    17.00  TTC